In the last financial year, the charity has spent over £2955 on purchasing equipment and supplies that has been donated to Hoima Regional Referral Hospital. This includes a new autoclave, 30 mosquito nets, 12 saturation monitors, 4 manual ventouse kits, numerous digital thermometers, battery chargers, numerous medications and other smaller items. 

The charity has also given £3000 to help fund a 24 hour anaesthetic service at Azur clinic, so £6000 has been spent this year using your donations, so we are really grateful for your support and every penny does make a difference and helps save lives in Hoima.



One of the dedicated nurses, William, who works at Azur clinic, Hoima, had a vision of getting the neonatal "kangaroo" room floor tiled so it is much easier to clean and to help prevent the spread of infection to premature and sick babies that it looks after. Hoima is renound for it's orange dust, so it is hard to keep hospitals as clean as yo would like. A recent donor in the UK donated the same amount of money that the tiling would cost, so the trustees decided to use this donation to pay for the work to be done and all at Azur are delighted with the outcome. 

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