Due to COVID 19, it has been a while since we trustees are HHH have been able to organise a fundraising event to help us continue the work we are doing in Hoima. Even though we have not been able to physically go out to Hoima, we have been continuing to support projects in Hoima, such as paying towards the anaesthetic service at Azur clinic, and sponsoring enrolled nurses to do the diploma nursing course to further their knowledge and career pathways.

We are now in need of peoples help to donate a few £££'s to help us continue the work we are doing. We don't spend lots of money on promoting our charity, and don't pay anyone to work for us, so all the money raised goes directly where we feel it is most needed.

The trustees of HHH have decided to organise and take part in a Hike 4 Hoima - a 10 mile walk around the local countryside. We ask that you will consider giving a donation to help keep us motivated to continue walking, even though it will be wet and muddy November. If you would also like to join us in the walk, let us know and you can either create a personal fundraising page, or share our link.

Some examples of what your donations can equate to are 

10p will buy a vile of Oxytocin to prevent Post partum haemorrhage. 

£3 could pay for a mama pack to support a woman with a safe delivery meaning she can go to a hospital with all the right equipment needed to birth her baby

£3 could buy a life saving prescription for antibiotics for a child with sepsis

£1 could pay for our reusable homemade  Sanitary towel kits with Elizabeth our Ugandan friend who tours the Hoima district helping young girls and women to make products to give them equal opportunities of education, lectures and work during their period. 1 in 10 girls or young women miss school or college everyday due to menstruation and a lack of sanitary wear.

£2.50 would pay for malaria treatment for a sick child or adult suffering with malaria 

£5 would allow a member of staff or student to attend one of our a skills workshops to educate them on current and local guidance to improve healthcare 

Many thanks in advance for your support.

The Trustees of HHH

Hike for Hoima

Our Chairman runs for Hoima 

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